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Commercial Insurance Claims

Running a business comes with risks. Unexpected events can occur, and having the right insurance coverage is crucial for protecting your assets. However, the claims process can often be daunting, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

That’s where Peninsula Public Adjusters jump into action.

We have years of experience assisting dozens of residential and commercial clients in Florida with their claims. This ensures they receive the appropriate compensation for any damages.

We will help you focus on running your business. We will handle the intricate details of your claims and free up your time and energy.

Have you been denied or underpaid for a claim from your business insurance provider? Let our expert commercial public insurance claims adjuster in Florida work for you. We can help you get a check in your hands.

What are Commercial Insurance Claims?

Commercial insurance claims are formal requests that seek financial compensation from an insurance company for losses or damages. These losses or damages are covered by a policy within a business or commercial property.

Claims must be filed whenever your insurer needs to cover the damage and be supported with proof of the incident. If your case is legitimate or falls within your policy coverage, your business will receive compensation for financial losses. A commercial claims adjuster can help you. They can file the necessary paperwork or advocate on your behalf with your insurer.

What are the Most Common Business Insurance Claims?

It is beneficial to understand common business insurance claims. This knowledge will help you comprehend your policy coverage more clearly. Additionally, you will know what evidence is required to file a claim.

Theft or Vandalism

Incidents of theft or vandalism can result in significant financial losses for businesses. Stolen items, such as inventory, equipment, or property, can cause financial losses. Claims can be filed to recoup the value of the stolen or damaged items.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur for different reasons, such as burst pipes, plumbing issues, or natural disasters like flooding. Claims for water damage help cover the cost of repairs, restoration, and replacing damaged items.

Fire Damage

Fires can cause devastating business losses, including property damage, inventory destruction, and potential business interruption. Claims for fire damage can help business owners. They can recover the costs of repairing or rebuilding the property. Furthermore, they can replace damaged assets and cover lost income during restoration.

Customer Injury

Businesses that interact with customers or clients face the risk of customer injuries occurring on their premises. For example, slips and falls can result in liability claims. Injured customers may seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Product Liability

Businesses that manufacture, distribute, or sell products are at risk of product liability claims. These claims are due to injuries or property damage caused by defective or unsafe products. These claims can result in significant legal expenses, settlements, or judgments. Product liability coverage provides compensation for such claims, including legal defense costs.

How Do I File a Business Insurance Claim?

Filing a business insurance claim can be a terrifying experience. We at Peninsula Public Adjusters work FOR YOU, not for the insurance company. We ensure you get paid what YOU deserve to get your business up and running again.

We’ve helped many people across Florida with their commercial insurance claims process and can help you too. While every insurer works differently, here are some basic steps that can help prepare you for filing a claim.

Hire a Public Adjuster

Hiring a Public Adjuster helps you navigate the nuances and complexities of the claim process. It helps you secure the MAXIMUM payout from the insurance company in the shortest time possible. Securing an adjuster early in the process will give you an expert guide on each step of the claim process.

The best part is that Peninsula Public Adjusters only get paid if YOU get paid. We help you reduce the risk and secure an expert consultant that knows the best ways to approach insurance companies.

Property Claims Adjuster
Commercial Insurance Claims Process

Safely Gather Evidence

Your insurer will need detailed evidence of the damage and any collateral damaged assets. If possible, write down witnesses’ names and have them write down what they saw on site.

Your public adjuster will provide expert guidance. They will ensure the best pictures are taken to show all damage. This includes damage that may not be visible upon initial inspection.

Peninsula Public Adjusters will always strive to be on-site with you, collecting the best evidence possible. Avoid putting yourself at risk. Let the experts safely secure the necessary evidence.

File a Police Report, if needed

If your business property results in injured people or significant damage to other’s property, file a police report.

Many insurance companies will require a report in case of a crime-related incident.

Police Report
Water Damage Adjuster

Partner with Your Adjuster and Contact Your Insurance Company

Partner with your commercial insurance adjuster. Contact the insurance broker and/or insurance company and formally start the claim process.

Depending on the insurer, there will be multiple forms to complete and criteria to meet to move forward.

A public insurance claims adjuster in Florida can help you. We will guide you through the process of filing the necessary paperwork. This will speed up the resolution time and maximize the payout amount.

How Can We Partner with You?

We can let our team of experienced, certified commercial insurance claim adjusters in Florida work for you.

As a guarantee, we will only receive our payment once you receive yours. We will never put any risk in your interests

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Water Damage Claim

Water Damage

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Retail Space

Fire Damage Claim

Fire or Smoke Damage

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Storm Damage Commercial Claim

Storm Damage

Commercial Educational Institution

Educational Institution

Structural Damage Claim

Foundational or Structural Damage

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Hospitality Space

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Burglary or Vandalism

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Medical Space

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Business Interruption

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Living Space Condominium HOA

Let us work
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We work for you every step of the way:


read and understand your business insurance policy


plan next steps to ensure a smooth claim process


negotiate on your behalf with insurance brokers and companies to get you the amount you deserve


process settlements, appeals, or any other obstacle they could throw our way


get a check in your hands as soon as possible, and for the highest possible amount


Are you unsure if your claim qualifies for payment? Do you believe you have been underpaid for a claim? Get a consultation with our property claims adjuster today and Receive the professional help needed to ensure proper compensation.

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