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Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Florida

Mold Insurance Claims

Have you suffered unfortunate damage caused by mold? Are you among the countless seeking the answer to the overwhelming question: Will your insurance provide the coverage you need? Mold growth can wreak havoc on your property and finances, but navigating the intricacies of policies shouldn’t add to your burden. 

That’s why Peninsula Public Adjusters is here to help! We focus on helping residential and commercial property owners handle mold damage insurance claims in Florida so that they can focus on their property restoration. Our team will strive to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your claim. Let us take the stress and confusion away 

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Is Mold Covered by Insurance in Florida?

Depending on your coverage, mold damage may or may not be covered. In general, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover mold itself; they cover any damage caused by it, also known as a covered peril. A covered peril refers to an event specified in an insurance policy that is protected and eligible for compensation or coverage. Some examples of covered perils on a typical home insurance policy are:

  • Fire incident

  • Theft or vandalism

  • Water incident

  • Certain natural disasters

What is An Example of a Mold Claim?

Suppose you suffered water damage from a sudden accidental leak or overflow. Mold is an outcome of the water. Therefore, you can perfectly file a claim so that your insurance company provides the necessary repair coverage. They likely will assess the claim, investigate the cause of the mold growth, and determine whether the policy covers it.

Is Mold Considered Water Damage?

Mold is not typically considered water damage, but it often occurs due to water incidents. Mold requires moisture to grow and thrive, so excessive moisture or water intrusion in a property can lead to growth. While it is a consequence of water damage, it is generally treated as a separate issue in insurance policies, with its own coverage considerations and exclusions. Reviewing your specific policy or consulting with your provider to understand how mold and water damage are addressed in your coverage is important.

Florida Mold Insurance Claims

Mold Damage Insurance Claim Tips

Our certified professional adjusters in Florida are ready to ensure your provider fulfills its promise and puts you on track to a safe home or business.

Here are some helpful tips from our experienced Florida mold damage insurance claim adjusters you can follow when you find it in your home.

Identify Potential Leaks

Mold comes from water, make sure you have no leaks or water entry points to avoid further damage.

Mold Damage Insurance Claim Florida
Mold Insurance

Document the Damage

Take thorough photographs and videos of the affected areas. Proper documentation provides visual evidence and supports your claim during the assessment.

Close Off Vents and Openings

Once you find the source and solve the problem. Close off vents or any openings in that room and close it off. Stay out of this room until you mitigate the damage. Your PA will tell you if the mold is covered by your provider and can possibly get your insurance company to pay for the mitigation work.

Mitigate Further Damage

Take immediate steps to mitigate any ongoing damage. This may include drying affected areas, stopping water leaks, or arranging for professional mold remediation services.

Contact your Public Adjuster

As leading Florida mold insurance claim adjusters, we know the industry well and can help. Call our public adjusters to see if the damage is covered under your policy.

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