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Should I use a Public Adjuster?

You should definitely find representation when dealing with FOR PROFIT insurance companies. The less they pay out in claims the more profitable they are. The insurance adjusters sent by your insurance company work for the insurance company and are looking for ways to delay, defend, and deny your claim. It’s in OUR best interest for you to get paid as much as possible, as fast as possible! Call Florida’s go-to claim consultants and we can help with all of your needs.

How much does this cost?

It actually costs you more not to hire a Public Adjuster. Studies show that we tend to get policyholders an average of a 747% increase on their insurance claims; meaning, the money paid to us is an investment and well worth it to your home or real estate portfolio. The maximum percentage that any public adjuster in Florida can charge for a claim is 10% on emergency claims and 20% on non-emergency claims. Our Florida claim consultants treat every claim as an emergency, but for your protection, in the event of a declared emergency by the Governor’s office, Public Adjusters can only charge up to 10% during the first year of the catastrophic event.

However, having an adjuster from Peninsula Public Adjusters do a claim evaluation on your property is absolutely free of charge.

The first step is always going to be to fill out the contact form below or give us a call so our team Florida based claims appraisers can go inspect your property and review your policy. During that inspection, we can find out if filing the claim is right for you, or if any representation for your underpaid or denied claim is needed at all.

How do we get paid?

We get paid a percentage contingent upon you getting paid. The percentage is based on the amount you collect NET. Which is highly worth it considering the facts on the “How much does this cost” section.

Our Florida claim consultants can go several days preparing estimates, taking photos, collecting documentation, negotiating with your insurance company, handling all inspections and if they decide not to pay, we still don’t get paid. We are extremely confident that if you sign with us, we will get you paid what you’re owed, guaranteed!

Who handles the repairs or contracting?

As a trustworthy claim consultant in Florida, we don’t take any part of contracting. We are solely in charge of getting you in possession of the funds. Once you deposit the funds into your account you are free to choose who you want as your contractor.

Does filing a claim make my insurance rates go up?

When it comes to property insurance, it does not. This is different from car insurance, for example.

Your home or business insurance premium will not go up based on the claim you filed. The rates increase based on the zip code you live in. If the rates in your area are going up, yours will too, regardless of if you put a claim in or not.

And finally, how can you get me paid if I’ve already been underpaid or denied?

This is very simple when you realize insurance companies care more about their stockholders than their policyholders. Insurance companies are investment companies. They can collect 100 million in premiums one year and pay out 100 million in claims that same year and still profit. Why? Because of their investment income. Each day that they hold onto your money, their money is working for them, profiting tremendously. We have years of experience as a leading Florida insurance negotiator so we know how to deal with the insurance companies and get you your money.

They also hire their own adjusters, train them to pay as minimal as possible and make it very difficult for the policyholder to receive any payment in a timely manner.

So yes, they will wrongfully deny your claim or underpay purposely. Which is why hiring Peninsula Public Adjusters is the right thing to do since we are familiar with all types of policies, we know what you’re entitled to, we know the proper repair methods for any type of buildings, and we know the construction costs to rebuild your property the way it was before, you should never have take money out of your pocket.

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