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Damage By Hurricane Ian? 5 Reasons To Call Peninsula Public Adjusters Now!

Hurricane Ian caused billions of dollars of damage throughout Florida and neighboring states. If you are coping with the aftermath of the hurricane, you need a Public Adjuster at your side to ensure you get paid the maximum you are owed, quickly and without hassle.

Here are five reasons you need to call Peninsula Public Adjusters if you’ve suffered damage from Hurricane Ian:

1. We Work for You

Public Adjusters work differently than private adjusters. Insurance Adjusters or those who are hired by insurance companies are working on behalf of insurers, not you. Those adjusters are hired to make sure the insurance company has to pay the least amount possible to settle a claim.

That’s not the case with Peninsula Public Adjusters. We work on behalf of homeowners and are committed to making sure our clients are treated fairly and get the most out of their insurance claims.

When you’re dealing with the trauma and aftermath of a devastating storm like Hurricane Ian, you do not need additional stress in your life. Hiring a Public Adjuster takes away one set of headaches.

2. Maximize Your Claim

When dealing with significant losses from a hurricane like Ian, it can be overwhelming. You may be wondering what you can claim, how you can claim it, and what you will get for your ruined or lost belongings.

Let Peninsula Public Adjusters ease your mind. Our experienced claims professionals know how to value your belongings and will help you recall and recoup the most for the possessions that are damaged or destroyed.

Our professionals work with you to ensure that everything covered by your policy is accounted for before submitting your claim.

3. Get Every Penny You’re Owed

You don’t need more challenges during this difficult time. When you work with a professional claims company such as Peninsula Public Adjusters, you can be confident that you’ll get everything you deserve.

Our teams work with insurance companies every day. We understand their policies and procedures. That means we can prepare your claim with the details and descriptions necessary to make sure you get every penny, dime, and dollar you are owed. You pay insurance premiums for times like these. We’re here to help you collect on those policies to ensure a maximum payout that allows you to start to rebuild.

4. We Handle the Details and the Red Tape

Submitting a claim for hurricane property damage can be a complicated process. There are estimates to receive, paperwork to complete, communications with insurers to plan, and items to review.

You need an expert on your side who’s there to help you at every step of the process. Our professional team members help communicate with the insurance companies, explain the process to you and ensure your claim is taken care of. Count on us to help you through this challenging time in your life.

5. We’re Here for You

Throughout the claims process, we work with you, communicating regularly about the status of claims. From your initial contact with your insurance carrier through the claims filing process to talking with your lender or contractor, we believe that information is power.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional customer service while maximizing our clients’ claims. Let us help you recover from Hurricane Ian. To learn more, contact us today via the web or phone at 1 (800) 883-9397.

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