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Should I Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster? 5 Scenarios

You have insurance and pay your premiums on time. So, if there ever comes a time when you need to file a claim, your insurance company will be there for you with a fair and timely check, right?

Unfortunately, often that is not how things happen. Low estimates or outright refusing to pay claims occur more than you think. It’s frustrating and disappointing and the reason you need a public adjuster on your side.

Although your insurer will provide an adjuster to decide how much your claim is worth, at the end of the day, the person is paid by the insurance company and doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. But a public adjuster is an independent insurance professional who works for you in exchange for a small fee. Let a public insurance claims adjuster show you how to get the full value for your claim.

What are the Pros of Hiring a Public Adjuster?

Hiring a public adjuster can bring many benefits to your insurance claims process.

  • They are independent contractors who work for you, not the insurance company. This means they have your best interests at heart and will fight to get you the maximum settlement possible.
  • They have extensive experience in the insurance industry and know how to hand the claims process. They can help you file your claim correctly and gather all the necessary documentation. Besides, they can help you understand your policy coverage so you all are on the same page and clear about what you can expect.
  • Public insurance adjusters have excellent negotiation skills. Therefore, they can negotiate with the insurer on your behalf. They have the experience and knowledge to get you the best possible settlement.

When Should I Hire a Public Adjuster in Florida?

Here are the top 5 reasons you need to hire a public adjuster:

1. When you first see or think you have property damage

If you notice property damage, mold, water damage, or storm damage, your best bet is to hire a professional. We will ensure your claim payout is correct and you get the amount you deserve based on the damage.

2. You receive an estimate for a claim you think is much lower than it will cost to repair. 

Your insurer doesn’t profit by paying top dollar on claims. If the insurance company’s adjuster came out and gave you a lowball offer instead of talking to a lawyer, you can often get faster and better results with an adjuster, so hiring one is often worth it to maximize your claim payout.

3. You don’t know how to file an insurance claim or manage the paperwork. 

Some insurance issues are complex and can take much time to sort through, even if you know what you are doing. If you don’t, it can seem almost impossible. But when you hire an adjuster, you have the guidance and knowledge of someone who deals with difficult insurance situations every day.

4. When you’re dealing with complex claims or excessive amounts of damage

Policyholders like you aren’t usually familiar with the policy acquired or construction costs and leave much money on the table if you depend on the insurance company’s adjuster to create an accurate estimate. When faced with significant or complex damage to your home, such as a fire or natural disaster, hiring an adjuster becomes beneficial.

5. Your insurance claim is interrupting and taking too much time out of your work or everyday life

The insurance company can make you go out of your everyday routine and have you collect estimates from different contractors but still no guarantee that they will pay that amount. And this will end up causing you to waste more time continuing the fight.

Is a Public Adjuster Worth It?

Yes, a public adjuster is definitely worth it. Insurance company adjusters are not always looking out for your best interests. They’re more interested in protecting their company’s bottom line. That’s why it’s important to have an independent advocate on your side, someone who will fight for you to get the maximum settlement possible.

A public insurance adjuster can help you reach a fair settlement to receive your deserved compensation.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Public Adjuster?

Adjusters generally charge a percentage of the settlement amount to which you are entitled. This typically ranges between 5% and 15%. However, this may vary according to the adjuster company. Here are some factors that can affect the cost of hiring one:

  • The extent of your damages: The more extensive your damages, the higher the cost of hiring an adjuster.
  • The adjuster’s experience: More experienced adjusters typically charge higher fees.
  • The adjuster’s reputation: Adjusters with a good reputation typically charge higher fees.
  • The state you live in: fees vary from state to state.

Contact our experts for a cost breakdown of hiring our skilled public adjuster company in Florida.

How do I find a Reputable Public Adjuster?

If you’re considering hiring a public adjuster, be sure to get estimates from several different adjusters before making a decision. You should also ask about the adjuster’s fees and what they include.

Here are some questions to ask when interviewing adjusters:

  1. What is your fee structure?
  2. What is your experience in the insurance industry?
  3. What is your success rate in getting settlements for your clients?
  4. Can you provide me with references?

We also recommend looking at their credentials and what online users say about them. This will help you ensure you are hiring the right public claims adjuster to advocate for you.

The Process of Hiring Our Public Adjusters

Submit your contact information through our form

Start by submitting your information in our contact form so we can contact you and coordinate an appointment.

Policy Review

We will then review your policy to check and see what coverage applies to your property.

Property Inspection

We inspect all property damage to assess what should be included in the estimate and what’s owed to you.

We File For You

We send all paperwork to the carrier. We discuss with them to make sure you get every dollar you deserve. We won’t settle for a cent less.

We Secure Your Settlement

If your insurer has paid you less or denied your claim unfairly, we will assess it. We will do this by comparing their estimate with the damage to your property.

We will apply all missing line items with proper documentation to prove the need for a supplemental payment. We do not stop fighting until you have every dollar you need to properly indemnify you and leave you whole again.


Insurance companies are not always looking out for your best interests. They’re more interested in protecting their company’s bottom line. That’s why it’s important to have an independent advocate on your side, someone who will fight for you to get the maximum settlement possible.

We hope going through these 5 reasons when to call a public adjuster has been helpful. Let Peninsula Public Adjusters handle your claim, so you can get back to living your life. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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